In A Time of Ancient God

38x97; bra and panties, feathers, beads embroidery;

Xena was an American television series filmed in New Zealand, a historical fantasy set in Ancient Greece, starring Lucy lawless as the plucky heroine.

This costume is from the show Lyre, Lyre, Hearts on Fire , Season 5, Episode # 100.
The show aired January 23, 1999.
Alternatively called, Battle of the Bands.
It appeared in the bathhouse scene on an Amazon dancing to the Aretha Franklin, Annie Lennox song Sisters doin' it for themselves

It is not the usual attire for an Amazon, these ones however, were a rare band, a musical band.

The costume went missing from wardrobe in June 2000.
It was spotted at a Hollywood Halloween party that fall and then appeared on eBay, where a Xenamaniac bought it for an undisclosed amount to add to her extensive collection of Xena memorabilia.

The outfit is somewhat marked with make-up and has sweat stains, most likely from the active use during filming and ill treatment at parties...








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I’ve had a long-standing deep appreciation for history and archaeology, discovering how the peoples of the past lived their daily lives.

What they wore, what they ate, how they adorned themselves and furnished their homes…the basic, simple lives they led and the spirits and deities they entrusted themselves to.

I have put forth my concept of ancient and not-so-ancient history as I see it with these bits of embellished fabric, paint and other materials.

Pieces and glimpses of other worlds, a museum of archaeological finds to gaze upon and yet…a Byzantine angel with unusual verse on her scroll, an alien spacesuit pulled from a burning rubbish bin near Roswell.

And Amazons in a time of ancient gods, warlords and Kings…evidently.

While I have tried to remain true to the creative and artistic forms of each era, I have given myself a liberal amount of artistic license.